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Become a part of GoldDiamond PI Club, MARYLANDS's premier and rapidly expanding Personal Injury Referral Network.

Opting for an annual payment entitles you to a 10% OFF on your membership.

Apply this code to your Yearly Membership: #yearlymembership

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    Every year
    1 Membership per company. Own multiple locations? We recommend to buy a membership per location
    • Apply this code to your Yearly Membership: #yearlymembership

    Every month
    1 Membership per company. Own multiple locations? We recommend to buy a membership per location
    • A commitment of 1 year is required

Plan Benefits

  • Established Business Network

  • Receive a $1000 OFF on all sponsorship levels, excluding bronze

  • Display your company logo in our GoldDiamond PI Magazine

  • Access to exclusive networking events for a party of up to 2 individuals from the same company

  • Collaborative & Inclusive Community

  • Invitation Only Membership Club

  • Educational Workshops (Up to 2 individuals from the same company)

  • Exclusive member portal access 

  • New member announcement and intro in monthly email!

  • Member drink ticket for all events

  • Business directory listing includes link to business website

  • GoldDiamond PI Club logo usage permission

  • Member access to GoldDiamond PI Club member directory

  • Job/talent recruitment listings on GoldDiamond PI club FB

  • Intro ad of your company in GoldDiamond PI club FB page

  • Multiple times in a year members will get spot-light in our social media

  • One membership is required per company. If you own multiple locations, you must obtain a membership for each individual location.

  • Magazine Advertising: $100 Savings


  1. Non-Transferability: Memberships within GoldDiamond PI Club are non-transferable. This means that memberships granted to employees are solely for their individual use and cannot be transferred to another employee under any circumstances.

  2. Non-Changeability: Membership details, including the name of the member, cannot be changed or altered to accommodate a different employee. Once a membership is assigned to an employee, it remains associated with that individual for the duration of their employment.

  3. Refund Policy: Refunds might incur prorated deductions based on any services utilized or benefits received throughout the membership duration.

  4. Refund Procedure: Once we receive a refund request, we'll assess its eligibility and process refunds within 30 days upon approval.


GoldDiamond PI Club

Dr. Gelareh Naenifard


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